The Music

You are now listening to the heart-stirring composition, "This Majestic Land," from the new CD "Solace" by award-winning composer, Michael Hoppe.
Mr. Hoppe's music stirs the soul, and has the touch of the divine. Living in Los Angeles, California, Michael Hoppe has created album after album whose music empowers and lifts, and allows us to touch our own inner place of our deepest connection.

And in one of the many flashes of brilliance, the creators of HBO's "The Sopranos" used a segment of an earlier composition by Mr. Hoppe to underscore a seminal moment that ended the final episode two seasons ago.

Michael Hoppe recorded "Solace" with the Prague Symphony Orchestra in February 2002, following the devastation of 9-11. There is the sense in his music of the profound appreciation of life, and celebration for the beauty of America's vistas. He was inspired to write "This Majestic Land" -- which you are now hearing -- "by the Rocky Mountains and the American West, and just, well, just the majesty of it all," he says. "It's unlike anything I've written before. It starts off the new album `Solace,' and comes from a real place. My wife and I would actually play "Majestic Land" when we were driving through the West."
To manifest the light of peace, and to support the vision of Global Vision for Peace, Spring Hill Music, a division of EMI, has generously donated CD's of Mr. Hoppe's new release, "Solace," to Global Vision for Peace at no charge. Michael Hoppe is also generously waiving all royalties for the purchase from this website. 100% of proceeds from your purchase of this CD will go to Global Vision for Peace and our beneficiaries. The cost of the CD is $20.00, plus $4.95 shipping and handling.
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Dark clouds become heaven's flowers when kissed by light."
Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941)

"I have always been inspired by the mood and drama of the sky. And Tagore's beautiful line describes my reaction to those dark clouds and to the wonderful consoling effect of music. As the composer Gian Carlo Menotti wrote, "Melody is a form of remembrance".

The reflective nature of this album hopefully enables you to reach a tranquil peace of mind, as you pass from the 'dark clouds' that are sometimes in our hearts to the bright light of our enduring spirit.

From the opening track of "This "Majestic Land", inspired by the magnificent beauty of the American west and the people who built this country, to "Pie Jesu" written to the memorial service of my wife's mother, all the music on this album is a form of remembbrance for me, including Vangelis' magical treatment of "The Parting" which concludes SOLACE.

As we experience life-changing events both universal and personal, may this music become 'songs of solace' for you, where the dark clouds in life give way to the glow of eternal hope and peace."

Michael Hoppe