Founders, Honorary and Host Commitees, and Honorary Artists in Support of Global Vision For Peace and Artists For The U.N.

Co-Chairs and Co-Founders
Xorin Balbes and Cliff Rothman


His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams
Nobel Peace Laureate Sir Joseph Roblat
Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez
Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams
Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Former U.N. Assistant Secretary-General Gillian Sorensen
Amnesty International Executive Director Kate Gilmore
Former Director, United Nations Environment Program Dr. Noel Brown
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin
Human Rights Activist Kerry Kennedy
Roots of Peace Founder Heidi Kuhn
Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation Founder Valerie Sobel
Children's Kingdom Founder Stephen Cipes
Author Marianne Williamson
Director Robert Altman
Cinematographer Haskell Wexler
Actor Chris Cooper
Actress Marianne Leone Cooper
Actress Susan Sarandon
Actress Anjelica Huston
Artist Robert Graham
Actor Michael York
Photographer Pat York
Artist Yoko Ono
Author Kurt Vonnegut
Artist Anne Cameron


John Solomon, Walt Disney Imagineering
Stephen Nemeth, president, Rhino Films
Bruce Cohen, Film Producer
Sara Risher, Producer, New Line Cinema
Kimberly Brooks, Founder, Lightray Productions
Lynda Obst, Author/ Film Producer
Greg Smith, Broadway Theatre Producer
Felicia Rangel, Media Director, Deepak Chopra
Stephen Kamifuji, The Style Group


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Federico Castelluccio
Michael Gross
Jesse Kornbluth
Peter Duchin
Marc Levin
Linus Roache


Green Cross International

Green Cross International (GCI) was founded by its President, the Honorable Mikhail Gorbachev, in 1993, building on the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and Agenda 21. GCI is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to help create a sustainable future by cultivating harmonious relationships between humans and the environment. GCI supports and promotes a significant change in human values leading to greater respect and care for Earth's community of life in all its diversity, and to address the environmental causes and consequences of wars and conflict.
Global Green USA
Global Green USA, the United States affiliate of GCI, fosters a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure world through education, advocacy, partnerships, and programs focused on the safe elimination of weapons of mass destruction, stemming climate change, reducing resource use, and preventing conflicts over fresh water. Acting as a catalyst, facilitator, and mediator, GGUSA encourages collaborative approaches and crosscutting solutions to environmental challenges.
Roots of Peace
"You have turned mines into vines by replacing the seeds of death with the seeds of life," noted Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, about Roots of Peace. Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization dedicated to eradicating landmines worldwide and rehabilitating the land to make it productive once more. Founder Heidi Kühn began Roots of Peace in honor of Princess Diana, and to ensure that her work on behalf of landmines would continue. In the spring of 2000 Roots of Peace completed its first "Mines to Vines" initiative by successfully demining hundreds of acres of land in war-torn Croatia.


Amnesty International

With1.7 million members in more than 160 countries and territories, including more than 300,000 in the United States, Amnesty International generates massive grassroots action to promote and defend the human rights of all people, everywhere. The organization’s mandate is based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and other international instruments. In 1977, Amnesty International won the Nobel Peace Prize for its human rights work.
Oxfam US
Oxfam US is the American arm of Oxfam International, a confederation of 12 organizations and 3000 partner organizations working together in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice.
Operation USA
Operation USA, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 1979 as an international relief and development agency independent of government funding, and shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for its role in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Over $175 million in aid has been sent to 88 countries with special emphasis on children and women who are victims of war and natural disasters.